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Activity Stations

While cycling along the Western Sydney Cycleway I can across these weird interactive stations. Put there by the council to encourage people to exercise while using the track. The first type of interactive station are huge signs with funny slogans on them like the everybody dancing!

I love the diverse characters shown on top of the signs. Old, young it doesn’t matter EVERYBODY is dancing!20160416_152627.jpg

The second type of interactive station is a more passive station that encourages use. There are two listening stations that when the wind blows it shakes the metal prongs and makes a sweet chiming sound at the speakers below.



Posted in Sydney, Western Sydney

Western Sydney Cycleway

It was a crisp autumn morning when I decided to venture out on my bicycle. Not being a confident cyclist I was looking for somewhere that I could ride off-road. A friend recommended I give the Western Sydney Cycleway a try.

I’m so glad that I did. This path is amazing. Like many Sydneysiders I had no idea that such an extensive bike path even existed.

I started my journey at Carramar station. The path was mostly flat with minimal inclines.  Views of Prospect Creek with its surrounding trees and  are a nice way to start any day.


One thing I did not expect was to pass a temple that had its gates wide open onto the reserve just before Canley Vale Station. The wafting smell of incense hung in the air as I cycled past.


I continued on past Endeavour Sports Reserve and through to my first fork in the road. A map was located there which clearly outlined where both paths led.  I decided to go past the Showground at Fairfield.  The path started to get steeper through this section.


Cycling past Fairfield Showground is an interesting experience. Horses were standing at a chain link fence right next to the path. Sounds of the busy markets were drifting over .

I rode until I go to Stockdale Reserve before I turned back. There is a pleasant park and pond there that I chose to rest up at before heading back.

The most interesting part of the journey is that the path crosses over the creek and under major roadways often. There are many different types of bridges along the way. As someone who loves architecture, it was good to see so many unique bridges.

If you are looking for somewhere off-road to cycle I would highly recommend this cycleway. The path is well signposted as it winds through the suburbs. There are plenty of places to stop and take it all in.