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Pacific Aria| The quietest places on cruise ships

The Pacific Aria started its life as a Holland America Liner in 1994 as the Ryndam. It was sold to P&O and received a total renovation. In November 2015 it took its maiden voyage as the renamed Pacific Aria.  Although the ship still has elements from its past life it now looks refreshed and ready to start anew. This cruise was from Brisbane to Sydney, being so close to the land was a unique experience.

Cruising is a lot like being stuck in a floating shopping mall. It can be both a fun, relaxing break as well as completely overwhelming. As someone who values personal space and quiet, I endeavoured to find some tranquillity.

The first place I checked out was The Dome. At night, The Dome is a nightclub but during the day its quiet and hands down has the best view. The huge glass windows really opens this space up to a nice panoramic view of the ocean. Usually very quiet and full of people drinking coffee and reading books. When a seminar about beauty started I decided it was time to find a new quiet place.


I next attempted to sit in one of the lounge/bars called Blue Room. It is nicely decorated with a deep blue theme. One of the strange things about this bar is that anything that could move is bolted down to the floor (I’m sure for safety reasons).  All of the flowers are fake albeit high quality and even in fake water. The temperature in Blue Room  was absolutely freezing and when it got unbearable I left.


I decided that perhaps inside wasn’t the answer to the best quiet space. Starting at the back of the ship at the very top deck I descended down the decks. I landed on Deck 6 and rejoiced when I saw some deck chairs already set up. Deck 6 was my happy place, the only sound was from the wind and waves. Looking over the railings I saw some dolphins swimming along with the ship! Personally, I had never seen dolphins in the wild and found this to be incredibility cool.