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Abandoned| The Castle Connell Hotel


While out adventuring last week, I came across what remains of The Castle Connell Hotel. Slowly left to decay, in a city that is building constantly. This building is located in Chippendale on the corner of Wellington St and Regent St.


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Mortuary Station

Location: Chippendale, NSW, Australia

Open Daily 10am – 5pm (Closes May 7th 2016)

Date: Mid Autumn

Weather: Cloudy

Cost: FREE!


As a part of  the 20th Biennale of Sydney, Mortuary Station which is normally closed off to the public is open. The station is a part of the Embassy for Transition. Which is fitting as the station was originally used for carrying the living and departed to Rookwood Cemetery.


The first thing you notice when entering the building is the heavy scent of incense that fills the air. 150cm spirals of hand inscribed incense hang suspended from the structural beams, burning away slowly. Ash covers the floor beneath them.20160417_140420.jpg


Inside the waiting rooms, different films play speaking about the transition between life and death. Between the train tracks are filled with inscribed bark.20160417_140544.jpg

This is one of the most beautiful stations in Australia. The ornate gothic building is full of carved angels, cherubs, gargoyles, and stars. Mortuary Station is a short 5-minute walk from Central Station and is a must see.