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Foundation Park

It was a reasonably warm winters day when I ventured out to find Foundation Park. With a vague memory of visiting it as a child, I decided it wouldn’t be difficult to find. I was wrong!

I walked around The Rocks for half an hour before I saw it! Hidden through a passageway behind a row of shops was the park. Absolutely elated I ventured forth to see what hidden treasures this park had to offer.

Foundation Park is unique as it is created around the old foundations of long demolished terrace houses. It’s a multi-level space with plenty of different vantage points to view The Rocks and other sections of the park in. Chairs, tables, dressers and even a bathtub are carefully set up to create a sense of homeliness in an otherwise sparse set of ruins.

Even though it was a busy Saturday afternoon in The Rocks the park was dead quiet and cold. It is very well kept with no graffiti or rubbish. During my stay I didn’t see any other people utilising the space, this added to the eeriness of the place.

The park was one of the last sites to be built on in The Rocks because of its challenging terrain. Cheap houses were built on the site and by the 1940s, all the houses had been demolished. The site wasn’t built on again and was transformed into a park.





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